Celebrating Entrepreneurship


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Risk taking is synonymous with starting anything new, untried and untested. It is this element of risk that teaches us a valuable lesson in life – “Everything comes at a price”.

The Entrepreneurship Cell is setup with the primary motive of encouraging entrepreneurship amongst the students of our college. Going by the past, a majority of undergraduates opt for placements or higher studies following their graduation and while the numbers of entrepreneurs are steadily increasing, a large number of start-ups are not successful.

This is where the Entrepreneurship cell of RVCE kicks in

It is our goal as an Entrepreneurship cell to not just help in the starting of a new company, but encourage innovative ideation as a basis to build upon, putting brick upon brick of time and hard work to bring that idea to fruition.An entrepreneur is one who combines the spark of an idea and the fire to make it happen; this is what we do, we invoke both in the upcoming - entrepreneur.

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" The end of labour is to gain leisure "



The Entrepreneurship Cell was set-up with a motive to Kindle the students of RVCE to tread the Entrepreneurial Path. The Cell aims to make people realize the true sense and meaning of Entrepreneurship. The term is not only about creating a company, but is anything to do with innovating on your own idea – be it a small corner-side store or even a giant company like Google.


A wise man once said “A successful man is the one who lays a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at him”. We envision ourselves to be the cultivators of tomorrow’s leaders. Through the activities and workshops that we host, we give it our all to help people grow as successful managers and leaders. At E-Cell, everyone is given an equal opportunity to network and build their contacts in the ever-growing Start-Up ecosystem of our country.


Even though we are the ‘Entrepreneurship’ Cell, we strongly believe in the concept of ‘Intrapreneurship’ – which is about starting a business within an existing company. Since we’re well aware that most students still opt for Placements after college, we train them for Intrapreneurship – where they can create a new business idea while being associated within the safe walls of an existing company.


We are the best at what we do.

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Expediens Expediens is an intercollegiate competition centered around formulating a viable business plan for the hitherto unachieved realisation of an innovator’s idea.
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E-SUMMIT E-Summit is a dynamic platform that serves to inspire ideation and what entrepreneurial acumen one might possess via a plethora of competitive events, and speaker sessions given by an accomplished roster of speakers.
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EMBARK Embark is an ideation and innovation workshop that comprises of a collection of activities to recondition creative thinking, business acumen and marketing capabilities.
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EXCELSIOR A one of a kind event, this bootcamp allows the vision of the budding entrepreneurs to grow into an enhanced version i.e. the participants will be able to finally actualize their idea into a physical, feasible model.
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EXPERIOR Experior is an internship fair to expose students to various summer internship opportunities.
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BUSSINESS MARATHON The Business Marathon is the premiere competition for budding entrepreneurs seeking to realize a multitude of innovative ideas, open to graduate and undergraduate students.