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Entrepreneurship Cell RVCE


The Entrepreneurship Cell is setup with the primary motive of encouraging entrepreneurship amongst the students of our college. To be an entrepreneur does not mean starting a new company, but the basic approach is to have an innovative idea, starting from scratch and then building on it. It was experienced that most of our fellow students opt for placements or plan out their higher studies, but only a few take entrepreneurship seriously as a career option. Risk taking is inherent in starting anything new, untried and untested. It is this element of risk that teaches us a valuable lesson in life – “Everything comes at a price”. This is exactly what we plan to do. The cell imparts skills and knowledge that will have relevance in the real world. Not everyone will be lucky enough to become a successful entrepreneur. But what is learnt now will be with you forever – and take you where no book prescribed in your syllabus can.



Our Moto

Our moto being Kindle.Create.Incubate. We aim to set in motion an entrepreneurial mindset amongst the students. E- Cell strives towards bringing out ones inbuilt urge to transform ideas into successful startups.The priority is to bridge the gap between entrepreneurial enthusiasts and the students who aspire to be self- made.The plan of action for the club is designed in such a way that the people working for it get the required exposure to the professional world.





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